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March 2016 Reprising Misty Williams on Greenleaf 113 and last episode of the first season!
March 2016 Performed National Radio Spot for Publix stores
March 2016 Did an Industrial commercial for Florida Realtors
March 2016 Asked by Gail Golden of Dramatic Solutions to do a children’s show at Windermere Prep School in Winter Garden (Wondermakers)
February 2016 Reprising Misty Williams on Greenleaf 109, 110 and 111 episodes
February 2016  Performed a voice over for  Publix Stores – web commercial
December 2015 Work on TV show ‘Bloodline’ as Marcia, a counselor
December 2015  Panelist on station 90.7 WMFE-FM  Orlando’s National Public Radio affiliate to talk about the state of work and working as an actor in Florida
November -December 2015  Playing Misty Williams on the set of ‘Greenleaf” – episodes 2 and 3
October 2015  Back on Outcast set playing a nurse!
August 2015  On the set of ‘Outcast” with Patrick Fugit and Brent Spiner!
July 2015  Filming the show pilot ‘Atlanta’ with Donald Glover in Atlanta
June to July 2015  Working on ‘Confirmation’ in Atlanta with Kerry Washington
January to February 2015 Rehearsal and performance of “Division – The Trayvon Martin Project”
December 2014 Playfest Reading
November 2014 ASCO Radio voiceover
September to November 2014 Rehearsal and Performance of play “Best of Enemies” at Orlando Shakes Theatre
July 2014 Flying to Oklahoma with Dramatic Solutions to perform a show
June 2013 Back to film a second episode of ‘Satisfaction ‘ in Atlanta
May 2014 Filming Max Steele and auditioning for USA show ‘Satisfaction’- booked that and filmed Satisfaction
December 2013 Gone to Mobile, Alabama for Horror film, ‘Somnia’ to play the Home Director
September 2013 Went back to complete the recurring role for Sleepy Hollow in North Carolina and then to Atlanta, Georgia to work on ‘Second Site’ directed by Jonathan Demme and then Dramatic Solutions show also in Atlanta.Home, then back to Atlanta again for ‘Ressurection’
August 2013 Worked on the show ‘Sleepy Hollow’ as a mental health nurse!!
July 2013 Wondermakers Library shows…Love those Kids!
June 2013 Dramatic Solutions trip to Colorado
May 2013 Filming ‘Breaking Point in the role of Jackie
April 2013 McKesson Information Solutions Shoot-a print ad that shot in Atlanta
March 2013 Cast in movie ‘Breaking Point’ and performed table read
January 2013 Filmed tv show ‘Revolution’ in the role of ‘Beth’ in North Carolina
Filmed ‘Lieutenant’ role for new USA Network series ‘Graceland’ in Miami
December 2012 Voiceover work for Dinovite Radio Spots – Maddie Cowan Series
September 2012 Directed PRT’s ‘The Czar’s Men’
April 2012 Dramatic Solutions-performance in Washington DC-FDA
Performing in New Orleans- HBO Series show – 2nd episode recurring character.
Dramatic Solutions-performance in Washington DC
March 2012 Cast and started rehearsals for directorial project ‘Missed Connections’ debuting at Orlando Shakespeare
February 2012 Performing ‘A Raisin In The Sun’
January 2012 Casted as ‘Mama’ for ‘A Raisin In the Sun’ and play runds until the end of February
Voice over for Qmedia Productions for a museum tour of the Kingsley Plantation as the role of the ‘Kitchen Boss’
Performing in Orlando Playfest in a staged reading of “Smoke” by Gloria Bond Clunie
November 2011 Russell – Industrial Live performance-SAK /TEK Productions
October 2011 As a part of the Orlando Philharmonic Orcreshtra performing an excerpt from the opera Zora! for the entire month of October
Started How to Audition on Tape free classes at my home the last Tuesday of every month
Wondermakers Perfomance- Winter Haven Library
June 2011 Cast In Burn Notice as Judy Epplebee – airs August 25th
April 2011 Booked a voiceover radio spot for Burkhard Works for Philedelphia
March 2011 booked for 1 play & 2 readings this month- new playwrights month in April… ‘The Women of Lockerbee’, a reading at Mad Cow Theatre, ‘Sweet Water Taste’ a reading at Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, & ‘Chubby Chase’ at the BreakThough theatre in Winter Park.
March 2011 Publix extrs work… 2 days at night!
February 2011 Booked role for Army Wives as Prosectuer Moyer… the episode airs April 17th 2011, Sunday… also booked a role on a medical industrial for Florida Hospital… back to back!
November 2010 Dramatic Solutions is in DC for the Generations Show
November 2010 Dramatic Solutions back in Texas again! Very popular!
October 2010 Dramatic Solutions is in Texas for a show – yeee haw!
October 2010 Start filming ‘Cassadega’ a horror film set in Cassedega, Florida – I play Susan – a medium… in a theatre in 2011 near you!
September 2010 Dramatic Solutions booked to do a show in Panama City Beach, Florida
August 2010 Dramatic Solutions booked to do a shows in Washington DC
June 2010 Dramatic Solutions booked to do a show in San Antonio, Texas
May 2010 Booked the role of ‘Minnie’ in the new series “The Glades” on A&EBooked and performed voiceovers for Burkhard Works for ‘Dinovite’ – vitamin supplement for dogs, and for ‘Credit Answers’ service for credit help.
April 2010 Playfest! Performing in ‘Play In A Day’ and the Play reading ‘Night Blooms’
March 2010 Dramatic Solutions in Baltimore
January 28th to Feburary 28th 2010 Orlando Rep – ‘The Giver’ – a children’s production, enjoyable for the whole family
January 2010 THE WRONGED MAN, will air on the Lifetime Movie Network. The premiere broadcast will be on Sunday, January 17th at 8 pm eastern and pacific/7 pm central time.There are three encore broadcasts as well: 1) Sun., January 17th at 12 am eastern and pacific. 2) Monday, January 18th at 8 pm eastern and pacific. 3) Monday January 18th at 12 am eastern and pacific.
November Dramatic Solutiions in Orlando and again in Baltimore
September Dramatic Solutions in Baltimore
August 6th Dramatic Solutions in St. Louis
June 30th Dramatic Solutions in Baltimore
June 17th to the 28th 2009 “The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot’ playing Judge for Empty Spaces Theatre, at the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre in Orlando.
June 10th Dramatic Solutions in Baltimore
June 6th Dramatic Solutions in Jacksonville
Feb 27th to March 7th 2009 Working in a Lifetime Movie called “The Wronged Man” in Atlanta, Georgia, airing in January, 2010
Febuary 2009 Going to Philly with Dramatic Solutions to do Generations
Febuary 2009 Voiceover for Disney I.D.E.A.S. for children’s book The Oak Tree Club for FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT.
January 2009 Performed ‘Missing Ceclia Rose’ in in Orlando Shakepeare’s Playfest
August 2008 Performing with DramaticSolutions in Colorado
July 2008 Directing a ten minute play “A Dead Soldier in the Family” for Playwright’s Roundtable to be performed at the end of July
June 2008 Going back to reprise role in Army Wives -airing TBA
June 2008 Booked a role as ‘Nurse Karen’ on Lifetime Network’s Army Wives – airing TBA
May 2008 Cast in Mad Cow’s ‘Sonnets for an Old Century’ by Jose Riveria – opens July 12th 2008
April 2008 Premiere Showing of ‘Zora and Her Roots’ for PBS – Performed Narration for the bibliography
January to May 2008 Performing Dramatic Solutions Diversity Shows in Baltimore, Conneticut, Kissimmee, Washington DC, New Jersey, South Carolina, Virgina